Why Us?

So you run a charter business? Let’s face it, you need help. Maintaining ever-changing employee and compliance regulations, as well as vehicle and scheduling records can be overwhelming and messy. Charter.Tech is a software solution that can help you run every aspect of your business efficiently.

Who We Are

Charter.Tech was created by industry owners and operators in the charter industry to enable their own multi-generational bussing business.


Charter.Tech allows transportation industry leaders to easily access all of their needs in one place. Our solution is based on a customized system designed to run every aspect of a bus company specializing in charter-specific work. Until now, there has been a void of any such technology on the market. Charter.Tech uniquely covers all the variables involved in running a transportation-based business.


  • Customer Driven – Your feedback is important and vital for future features and updates.
  • Open mindedness – We are open and eager to learn new things and embrace change. We will never get stuck in one way of doing things. We adapt with the times.
  • Communication – The core of any good business or relationship is excellent communication. All concerns, comments, or criticisms are welcomed and taken seriously.